Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wicket TinyMCE and AjaxButton

TinyMCE is a WYSIWYG editor, that can be used in Wicket to replace your TextAreas with a Rich Text Editor.

You need to add the following dependency into you pom.xml:


This would allow you to add TinyMceBehaviour to a TextArea that you want to transform into a  WYSIWYG editor.

TextArea contentTextArea = new TextArea("content");
// tinymce
contentTextArea.add(new TinyMceBehavior(new TinyMCESettings(Theme.advanced)));

Your <textarea> tag will be replaced by TinyMCE editor. On form submit, the content of TinyMCE editor is converted back into <textarea>.

TinyMCE does not work with AjaxButtons, as AjaxButton does not call Form submit event. There is a work around for this. You need to call triggerSave on your AjaxButton onClick event:


To do this just add TinyMceAjaxSubmitModifier to your AjaxButton:

ajaxButton.add(new TinyMceAjaxSubmitModifier()); 

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  1. That's why there is wicket.contrib.tinymce.ajax.TinyMceAjaxButton